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Transmission Repairs
Transmission Repair

Do you need a transmission repair? We specialize in transmissions and are proud to offer quality transmission repairs and rebuilds. A transmission rebuild basically involves disassembling the transmission, replacement of parts, cleaning, re-installing, and inspection. A transmission repair at Reliable Transmissions goes above and beyond, offering quality parts, excellent customer service, and peace of mind knowing that your transmission rebuild was done properly by ASE certified technicians.

Clutch Replacement

Hearing a noise when your clutch pedal is depressed? Your bearings on your vehicle may be going bad. We offer the highest of quality repair parts for bearing repairs and clutch repairs. It is quite common for a clutch system to last more than 80,000 miles. It all depends on the driver, the usage of the vehicle and the maintenance of the system.

Transmission Fluid Change

Most owners’ manuals say it isn't necessary. However, that isn't quite true. For optimum protection, change the fluid and filter every 30,000 miles. We have inventory on hand to drain your old fluid from your vehicle and fill it with new fluid to keep your transmission operating smoothly. By maintaining your fluid, you are maintaining your vehicle and adding years onto its useful life!

Rear Differential

Need a rear differentials repair? Our ASE certified technicians can rebuild and repair your rear differentials, so you can get prime performance from your vehicle. Rear differentials transmit power to the wheels while allowing them to turn at different speeds. Maintain your rear differentials with fluid service. By keeping your vehicle lubricated with fluid you are protecting the life of the gears in your vehicle. This is done as preventive maintenance to help stretch the life of your vehicle.

Manual Transmission Service

The manual transmission system is pretty simple in comparison to its automatic cousin. Their gears are located along parallel shafts inside the transmission housing. Power flows when gears are meshed. During gear changes, or when the car is stationary and the engine is idling, a clutch is used to interrupt the flow of power from the engine to the transmission. However, if you are experiencing issues the symptoms are similar to the automatic, and include: slipping, hesitation, bucking, grinding gears and difficulty shifting. We offer premium repairs on all manual transmissions.

Drive Shaft Repair

drive shaft is a device used to send rotation and torque, or the force of motion, to other mechanical parts in the car. Drive shafts often are used to carry torque from the engine and transmission to the vehicle's other end before the torque enters the wheels. If you notice vibration while driving, a loud noise when shifting into gear, or a noise when shifting from a forward gear into reverse, you may need to have your drive shaft or U-Joints repaired. Call Reliable Transmissions today to safely repair these parts on your vehicle. 

Brake System Repair & Service

When you go to press down on your brakes, you expect your vehicle to stop. To ensure you never have a problem with this, bring your vehicle in to Reliable Transmissions to check your brake pad's wear and to complete maintenance to prevent an accident. 

At Reliable Transmissions, we specialize in transmission repairs. From transmission fluid changesclutch replacementsaxle replacementsdifferential and transfer case repair, to a complete rebuild of the transmission, we have extensive experience to offer you a quality repair.

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